People in Buffalo hate Canadian shoppers

Canadians tend to think of themselves as being super nice and polite, and many of us are afraid of being mistaken for boorish Americans when we travel. That’s why I found this facebook group. I hate Canadian shoppers at the Walden Galleria Mall, so funny.
In it people who work at the Walden Galleria, the biggest mall in the Buffalo area, complain about the Canadian shoppers who flood it.

Some of the complaints:

  • they go to the olive garden(where my family works) and complain all the time about their plum sauce. They also want CUTLERY(who says that) and some of their good ITALIAN SAUCE. Then they say it, eh?

  • It’s amazing how they come to the US, buy clothes at the stores and leave their old clothes/shoes in the parking lot so they do not have to claim the PST and GST on the new item’s they purchased. How cheap can you be? Littering just to save a few buck’s.. They could at least take the clothes and donate them to a charity instead of dumping them in a parking lot, and it’s not just at the Galleria.

  • I love how they will be walking and just stop dead and stare blankly. Then when u say excuse me, they will proceed to bitch you out for being rude to them!

  • First, most of the stores in the Galleria are corporate stores so there is no “owner” because if they really cared about getting all of your money from “Oakville” they would open a mall there…. Second, no one would mind you guys coming to our country if you didn’t have that stupid attitude that you think you’re better than us. Third, just because we work AT the mall doesn’t mean that we work FOR the mall, I was hired for sales not maintenance, so when you guys want to say “that what you get paid for” guess what, its not! Last, I’ve worked at that mall for 3 years and I can count on one hand the “nice” Canadians that I’ve helped.

  • I hate how Canadians can’t read the signs posted all over the store and feel it necessary to ask the most obvious questions over and over.

  • When I tell Canadians that anf doesn’t accept Canadian money they get all pissed up and throw a fit. Does any store in the mall take Canadian money?

  • Am I the only one who HATES it when they say, you Americans, how can you tell the difference between your money, it’s not colored… OH MY GOD! Are you serious? Can you not read numbers??? What happens when you’re color blind?? Really now people.. use some common sense!

  • I guess the lesson is that no one country has a monopoly on being annoying. It’s probably more of a universal tendency of people visiting other countries to act in a kind of thoughtless way. Also, the type of Canadians who’ll drive all the way to Buffalo and endure lengthy lineups at the border just to save a few dollars may not be an entirely representative sample of the population as a whole.


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    One Response to “People in Buffalo hate Canadian shoppers”

    1. DLC Says:

      As a Canadian who lives on the Galleria side of the border, this was pretty funny. I’m about to leave for my Canada Day trip home and I will enjoy telling my family about the “CUTLERY (who says that)” rant 🙂

      As for the Galleria employee who wrote it, well, if someone has 1/2 hour to type that sort of rant on Facebook, obviously they have WAY more issues than just hating Canadians.

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